St Richard Reynolds Catholic College is a place where our young people come first, are loved, listened to, challenged and inspired.

Holy Spirit webOur College is part of the Catholic Church and at all times serves as a witness to our Catholic faith in Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We aim to assist Catholic parents and carers to fulfil their obligation to educate their children in accordance with the principles and teachings of the Church. Catholic teaching and practice permeates every aspect of the College’s activity and daily prayer and worship is integral to the curriculum.

Our core purpose is learning and teaching and this is conducted in an environment that encourages, supports and develops the spiritual, intellectual, moral and physical development of the child.

The quality of educational experience

We are committed to providing children with an inspiring academic experience which is pupil-centred and stimulating. We adopt a pioneering, global and independent approach to what we teach.

The issue is not only what is taught, but how well it is taught. We recruit staff for their passion, their enthusiasm and their imagination in communicating with children to ensure that every single child in their classes is engaged, excited and challenged by the learning experience. We know that learning is too important to be spoilt by mediocre delivery.

We are deeply committed to opening the hearts and minds of our young people in every way. We have an outstanding enrichment provision, including sports, arts, clubs and societies, leadership and challenge activities, that all add up to a high quality education of the whole person. The College will develop a particular specialism in Music.

We believe that this will lead to memorable experiences and outstanding examination results for our pupils.

We encourage an outward-looking approach and promote our belief that we can and must improve the world that we live in.

We will reflect upon and develop all that we do, staying connected with an outside world which is changing faster than at any time in the past both nationally and internationally. We intend to be proud of our achievements and of the community that we will build at St Richard Reynolds.

See the College Mission Statement HERE


These objectives lead to our mission as a College, encouraging all the young people in our care to:

  • participate in the religious life of the College
  • develop into open-hearted and open-minded young adults
  • question, to think and to work independently
  • respect the views and beliefs of everyone in our community and beyond
  • serve and support others at all times
  • be purposeful in everything they do
  • help one another achieve the most from their time with us
  • prepare themselves fully for life after College
  • become the person that they uniquely are rather than being influenced unduly by others
  • look after the body, emotions and mind through proper rest, relaxation and nourishment

We want our pupils to:

  • be happy and successful
  • have the values and morals to live good Catholic lives
  • experience a culture where the emphasis is on reward rather than sanction
  • work hard and always do their best
  • leave us with the
    • best possible exam results; 
    • skills and knowledge to contribute to the Common Good.
  • have fun
  • look back fondly on their time with us 
  • be proud of our College

Parents and carers

Parents and carers will be expected to ensure that their child attends College every day, on time, in full College uniform, ready and equipped to learn and be fully supportive of our policies and expectations. We want to be able to work in partnership with them, and create a culture where they are always welcome to discuss any concerns that they may have.