14th July 2017

Report by By Liam and Anna C (Year 3)

Primary Sports17

On Friday 14th July we went to St Mary’s University to do our sports day. First we all went into different groups and did different circuits. We earned points for our houses and we all got a sticker on our P.E. clothes to show which house we are in. Then we did the over under relay and our parents and grandparents came to watch and were cheering us on. Next was the javelin and we had to throw it as far as we could. The high school students judged who threw it the furthest. Finally were the sprinting races. The children went first and then the adults had a race with the children.

After the events had finished we had a picnic outside with all our parents and our families who came to watch. After the picnic the results were announced. The points were really close and as follows:

1st- Elizabeth: 609 points
2nd- Moses: 590 points
3rd- Noah: 571 points
4th- Hannah: 565 points
5th- Peter: 534 points
6th- Mary Magdalene: 521 points

Elizabeth won and were given the trophy.

All of us enjoyed the sports day and had lots of fun. We can’t wait for the next one!

We want to say a huge thank you to all the P.E. teachers (Miss Byrne, Miss Sanders, Mr Whitfield and Miss McKnight) and the Year 9 pupils for helping all of us in the sports day.