17th July 2016

Regatta comp








The first St Richard Reynolds Regatta took place on the tideway on Sunday. Our rowers upils were split into mixed teams, Red, White and Blue. and competed in a series of singles, doubles and quad races  The teams were rotated and placed in different boats. SRR Rowing Coach, Olivia, presented medals to the winning team, plus awards for best start, most helpful rower, best technique and so forth. Parents were able to sit on the riverbank basking in the glorious sunshine to enjoy the action on the water, sustained by picnics and the odd refreshment from the bar!

27th June 2016


The Charlie Shaw Regatta (300m from White Hart to Twickenham Rowing Club) consists of a set of races in Explore rowing singles, doubles and quads; a fun way to introduce juniors to racing. Because of the differing sizes and ages of the rowing squads, the St Richard Reynolds pupils were organised into mixed teams from different squads for the day. Nuala and Gab were in the winning team and Millie and Eden were both awareded medals for their effort and hard work. In the St Richard Reynolds team, Charlotte won a single, Charlotte and Eden won in a double and the SRR team also won two quads, in which all our rowers were a part of so it was brilliant and we are so incredibly proud of all our athletes!

Congratulations to all who took part and to those who helped prepare the pupils so well for this Regatta.

24th June 2016

summerball 2The Friends of St Richard Reynolds hosted the first College Ball at Old Deer Park, RIchmond last Friday It was a sell out. The banqueting suite was magnificently decorated by Jacinta Doyle and team which set the scene for a splendid evening of fabulous food and drink, the traditional heads and tails game, a lively auction of top lots, and enthusiastic dancing to the sounds of Charlie & Camille and Friends. It also saw the launch of the Sports Hall fundraising campaign including news of Andrew Cole’s Camino Portugués in the autumn which he hopes will raise at least £25,000 towards the £1,000,000 target. The evening was a resounding success and raised over £4,000 for the College. Huge thanks are due to Kevin Nolan and Andy Joss and to everyone who worked so hard to make this a night to remember. Kevin commented that he hopes this was the first of many SRR Balls and asked for volunteers to take on the event next year.

28th June 2016

Dance comp


24 primary school children, from Reception, Year 1 and 2, took part yesterday in the Richmond Primary Dance Festival. It was held at Twickenham Academy. 11 schools from all over the borough took part.

The children spent the morning having their technical rehearsal on stage, as well as perfecting their dance moves and checking their hair and costumes were ready for the big performance. In the afternoon, mums and dads and other friends and family members from all the different schools arrived and took their seats forming a large audience.

The big moment finally arrived and St Richard Reynolds took to the stage. The children performed a line/country dance, which in their cowboy-inspired costumes, looked fantastic. Everyone was in time and had huge smiles on their faces. Freya's 'banjo playing skills' were especially appreciated by the audience, as well as the gymnastic abilities of Anna, Charlie, Maisie and Freya. All the children surprised the audience with their final move when they threw their cowboy hats high in the air to a cheer of 'yee-hah'! The hall erupted into applause, cheers and mutterings of how amazing it all was.

The children's successful performance was rewarded by the judges who gave them the award for 'best musicality'. The College received a trophy and every child who took part received a medal and a certificate. The children were magnificent and should be very proud of their achievements. It was a great day and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

20th June 2016








Bakhita House has taken on the act of helping the sick as part of this year’s Corporal Acts of Mercy. Bakhita House pupils have been raising awareness about helping those in need, as well as raising money to support this charity. Shooting Star Chase kindly invited a group of pupils to its Hospice in Hampton to see how the money they raised has been put to at work and to also give them an opportunity to see first-hand the difference their support makes.

If anyone wants to find out more about the charity and more about the many ways to help click HERE

Pupil reflections: 
“We went to Shooting Star Chase and we learnt about the children there and how much it costs to fund the hospice. We learnt that only 10% of the funding comes from the government and the rest is donated”.

“I really enjoyed the trip to the hospice because it was a new experience. Even though it was a bit hard to learn about the families and the children and the different problems they face. Everywhere in the hospice was very nice and it didn’t feel like a hospital. It has motivated me to raise more money for the hospice considering that it costs £10 million a year.”

“I really enjoyed the experience. We saw the different rooms in the hospice and they were all really individual and nice. The garden was really pretty and the building was like a big house, it was comfortable and it didn’t feel like a hospital. Everyone there was really welcoming and it has really encouraged me to do more volunteer work.”

“Shooting star was amazing. Today we learnt the positive side of the hospice. The children’s hospice cared for children who weren’t born just yet to 21 years. My favorite part of the trip was visiting the garden and how much thought that went in to it as it helps the children with their senses. For example, there was a big mirror ball in the garden which helped those children with less mobility to see the world all around them. The flowers and different textures helped the children to smell and feel. Shooting star has definitely inspired me to help and care for others around me. They have also inspired me to volunteer in the near future and do things for others and not just myself."