College Art Exhibition 2022

All students will see themselves as artists, will recognise the impact that Art makes in the world, and have the skills and confidence to independently create works of beauty.’

With this vision in mind, the students of SRRCC were guided in creating a wide range of responses, from our primary cohort, through key stage 3, GCSE, and A level.

Our students in years 7-9 explored the topic ‘Community’, celebrating cultural heritage.

GCSE artists reflected on the themes of Identity, creating a wide range of refined artworks in an astonishing array of methods and moods. Our A level students explored Structures, creating in-depth studies and astonishing outcomes.

I am proud to showcase a small selection of this dazzling work from 2021-22 (as well as last year’s exhibitions), through these online virtual galleries. The viewing is greatly enhanced by downloading the Artsteps app on your phone or tablet.

College Art Exhibition 2022

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