College Parliament

Through our personal development provision, we pride ourselves on offering our students opportunities to gain experience of being a leader in our school community. We do this in three ways:

  1. Student Leadership Team

Year 12 students have an opportunity to apply for a role as part of our Sixth Form Student Leadership Team. These roles can vary from Transition Leader, Diversity and Equality Leader, Sports Captains, to Head Girl and Head Boy. Each sub division of the Student LT is linked with a key staff member and their role is to collaborate with that staff member in carrying out their particular vision and mission. The Student LT is a perfect opportunity for students to gain invaluable experience and provide a student perspective to the unique issues young people might face, provide support and advice to those younger in our College, develop confidence, communication, mentoring skills, as well as using their voice to have a positive impact on our community. 

  1. Pupil Parliament

The College Parliament is a democratically elected student body that ensures student voice is well and truly heard at St Richard Reynolds.  From Year 3 to 10, three members of each year group are voted by their peers and the Sixth Form run for election as ‘Prime Minister’ and Cabinet Minister, their terms last from January – December. The students debate themes that are raised and impact the student body and are also responsible for giving their input on where funds will be spent.

  1. Prefects

Year 10 students have the opportunity to write a letter of application in their summer term to become a College Prefect in Autumn of Year 11. Students then gain a valuable experience of completing an interview for the position. Our prefects are expected to uphold our College expectations to the highest of standards and consistently act as ambassadors for our College. Prefects take part in training sessions, support around the College in our shared spaces and act as role models day to day and at College events.  Prefects have also been assigned to a “specialist area” where they support a member of staff in enhancing the personal development opportunities for students at our College. Some examples include, but are not limited to, Year 7 mentoring, reading with primary school pupils, supporting at homework club, improving physical spaces in our College site.

Student Wellbeing Charter

High School Tours – Tours for September 2024 entry will start after May half-term. Please keep an eye on our website for a link to book a place on one of our tours.

Offer Day - Friday 1st March 2024

Offers of High School places for September 2024 were made on National Offer Day, 1st March 2024 by local authroities on behalf of the College. If you were unsuccessful in gaining a place you have the right to appeal to an idependent appeals panel. For more information, please visit our High School Admissions page HERE.

Please note: The College Office staff do not have visibility of the waiting list and are unable to give personal information regarding positions on the waiting list. Should you have any further questions, please contact


Sixth Form

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