Religious Education (TEMP)

“At the heart of Catholic education lies the Christian vision of the human person.” (Religious Education in Catholic Schools, by CBEW May 2000). This vision is expressed and explored in Religious Education whereby our primary aim is that everyone comes to a rich and deep understanding of God’s revelation, fulfilled through the person of Christ. Therefore Religious Education is never simply one subject among many, but the foundation of our entire educational process; the ‘core of the core’ (Pope St John Paul III). 

Teachers of RE:

  • Mrs S Tyler (Subject Leader)
  • Mrs S Farrar
  • Mrs K O’Malley (KS5 Leader)
  • Ms C Sturgeon
  • Ms E Hill
  • Ms E Stables
  • Ms E Hulme

Our vision for RE:

In the Religious Education department, we endeavour to foster a love of religious studies and a passion to be an effective citizen of God’s world; to nurture religiously literate students who are fearless in the interrogation of their faith and are at ease exploring the beliefs of others.  Students will reflect spiritually, act ethically and think theologically, developing an awareness of the role of religion in our diverse society. 

Faith, mission, reason, rigour

Our RE curriculum:

RE Curriculum Overview

Secondary Curriculum Map

Key Stage 3 RE:

Year 7Year 8Year 9
– Creation and covenant
– Human response to God’s call
– Discipleship
– Jesus as saviour
– Sikhism
– Looking for God
– Justice and peace
– Church History
– Kingdom of God
– Paschal mystery
– Pilgrimage
– Islam
– Quest for the historical Jesus
– Vocation and sacraments
– Sources of morality
– Gospel Values
– Historical Judaism
– Jewish festivals and celebrations
Year 7 Curriculum OverviewYear 8 Curriculum OverviewYear 9 Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 4 RE: 

Exam Board:Edexcel
Exam Structure:3 exam papers sat in the summer of Year 11 (1 x 1hr 45 minute paper, 2 x 50 minute papers
Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies A (2016) | Pearson qualifications
Year 10Year 11
– Catholic beliefs
– Catholic practices
– Sources of wisdom and authority
– Forms of expression and Catholic art
– Beliefs in Judaism
– Practices in Judaism
– Philosophy
– Relationships and family life in 21st Century

Key Stage 5 RE: 
A Level

Exam Board:AQA
Exam Structure:2 x 3hr exam papers sat in the summer of Year 13
AQA A-level Religious Studies (7062) Specification
PhilosophyEthicsStudy of Christianity & dialogues
– Arguments for the existence of God
– Evil and suffering
– Religious experience
– Religious language
– Miracles
– Self and life after death.
– Ethical theories
– Issues of human life and death
– Issues of animal life and death
– Introduction to meta ethics
– Free will and moral responsibility
– Conscience
– Bentham and Kant
– Sources of wisdom and authority
– God/gods/ultimate reality
– Self, death and the afterlife
– Good conduct and key moral principles
– Expression of religious identity
– Religion, gender and sexuality
– Religion and science
– Religion and secularisation
– Religion and religious pluralism

Core RE:


Year 12Year 13
– Sanctity of life – Abortion and Euthanasia
– Human Rights and Human trafficking
– Business Ethics
– Prejudice and discrimination
– Islamophobia
– Science and religion
– Mark’s Gospel

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