To develop students’ learning dispositions, the High School focuses on LORRIC: Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Relationships, Independence and Communication. Students are assigned merits for each category, ensuring students will be recognised and rewarded for the behaviours that we feel are important for our student's development. 


  • A student who leads by example
  • Represents the school
  • Demonstrates excellent behaviour
  • Serves as a role-model for others


  • Completes excellent homework
  • Well equipped for learning
  • On time and ready for learning
  • Neat work and well-presented


  • Works hard in lessons
  • Asks for guidance in how to improve
  • Acts on feedback
  • Doesn’t give up and overcomes adversity


  • Cares for others
  • Takes an active part in Our College Community
  • Respects others around them
  • Contributes to an excellent learning environment
  • Is willing to resolve issues with others


  • Is self-motivated
  • Attempts challenge activities in lesson
  • Sets themselves targets
  • Pursues learning independently
  • Will make effective use of DIRT time


  • Participates in classroom discussion
  • Offers justified opinions
  • Displays positive body language
  • Is able to discuss their learning with others

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