Maths primaryMathematics is an essential part of everyday life and at St Richard Reynolds we aim to provide a high quality Maths education that provides the foundation to understanding the world. We believe all pupils should be empowered to develop enjoyment and a sense of curiosity for the subject.  Each pupil is taught to handle numbers and process them competently as a step towards wider understanding and the ability to think and reason mathematically. Daily maths lessons include mental arithmetic strategies, formal written methods, problem solving and investigations where pupils work both independently and collaboratively.  From EYFS to Year 6, whenever possible, activities are also linked to real life situations, and integrated across the curriculum, to develop lifelong skills. Opportunities are given for practical work, investigations and the use of manipulative and diagrams to explain mathematical understanding. Where possible, pupils have the opportunity to use and apply mathematics across other curriculum.

Key Content Focus Areas:

  • Number and place value
  • Number - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Measurement
  • Geometry - shape/position and direction
  • Statistics

Key Skills Focus Areas:

  • Fluency with number - skills and application
  • Number Investigations and layout of 'workings'
  • Holding numbers - increasing memory
  • Shape visualisation

Each child is set targets to ensure they achieve their full potential in this subject area.  Regular assessments inform target setting and to ensure appropriate progress is being made.

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