Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is rooted in Scripture and it guides us how we can live out our faith as followers of Christ in our local, national and global community.  As head of the church, the Pope guides us in how we can apply the scripture to our modern day lives and how the Church can respond to the challenges we face in our modern world. Pope Francis shared his own thoughts in his recent encyclicals Laudato Si’ (2015) and Fratelli Tutti (2020).  We work closely with both CAFOD and Caritas in developing our knowledge and understanding of how we can best engage in CST. 

As part of St Richard Reynolds’ decennial year we have refreshed our House system to House Saints which link more clearly with CST so that our pupils gain a deeper understanding to connect them with our faith. Each half term we focus in depth on a key principle and these are explored in class, collective worship and home learning. Our house point system is closely linked to the values demonstrated by the pupils.

Living out our Faith

Catholic Social Teaching PrincipleSchool ValueHouse Saint
The Common Good
We speak clearly and show respect and responsibility for our sisters and brothers who are in need.  We are called to work for the good of each and all.  
St Catherine of Siena
We know that we are all ‘Co-workers’ and have the right and duty to participate fully in family life and society.  Through cooperation we can learn and grow closer to God.  
Cooperation and Teamwork
St Joseph the Worker
We learn about responsibilities and rights and we respect the views of others. We act with courage and determination to empower everyone to have a say.
Courage and Determination
St Vincent De Paul – Mini Vinnies Group
Preferential Option for the Poor
We believe that all resources on earth should be shared with everyone.  We show kindness and compassion to others and put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.  
Kindness and Compassion
St Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Stewardship of God’s Creation
We believe that the earth is our common home and that we should use its resources wisely.  It is our Christian vocation to care for creation, live sustainably and enhance the wellbeing of our planet.
Care for Creation
St Francis of Assisi
God created us as one global family, called to support our brothers and sisters.  We are encouraged to ask ‘who is our neighbour?’ and think how we can serve the local, national and global communities of which we are a part.  
St Elizabeth of Hungary
Human Dignity
We believe that we are beautifully made in the image and likeness of God and that each one of us is unique.  We are called to treat every person with loving respect.
St Maximilian Kolbe

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