Primary Parliament

Our Primary Parliament is a democratically elected pupil body that ensures pupil voice is well and truly heard at St Richard Reynolds.  The Primary Parliament forms part of the College Parliament and once a half term meets with Parliamentarians from across the College. 

The Pupil Parliament takes an active role within the school, raising issues and ideas of their peers, discussing them at the Pupil Parliament meetings and reporting back to their class. The pupils help to ensure that St Richard Reynolds is a safe and happy environment for pupils to learn in, making a difference for the better. 

The Pupil Parliament are elected by their peers in September and their term of office is for one academic year. They meet regularly with Miss Arnold to voice their thoughts, raise their concerns and put their faith into action.

Primary Pupil Parliament 2022/2023 Achievements: 

  • Playground development-new equipment 
  • Contributing to changes in our Catering Provision.  
  • The Kindness Fund – Anti-bullying project 
  • COP26 initiatives
  • Whole school recycling 
  • Pupil voice within our behaviour policy 
  • Plogging

Primary Pupil Parliament 2023/2024 Targets:

  • Next stage playground development-New zone areas.
  • Continue to contribute to catering provision.
  • Organise and create ideas for our wellbeing week.
  • Whole school recycling. 
  • Working towards Healthy Schools Bronze level.
  • Plogging
  • Pupil voice. 
  • Working alongside the High School Pupil Parliament team.

2023/2024 Primary Pupil Parliament team:

Prime Minister: Catherine Gilbert

Deputy Prime Minister: Joshua Ilvaldi 

Year 1

Minister for Eco friendly: Austin Riehl 

Minister for Diversity: Ariya Patel

Year 2

Minister for Teaching and Learning: Joey Hogan

Minister for pupil voice: Mierio Collyer

Year 3

Minister for Behaviour: Cillian McCole

Minister for Health and wellbeing: April Speich

Year 4

Minister for health and wellbeing: Stanley Riehl

Minister for behaviour: Elodie Bitar

Year 5

Minister for Pupil Voice: Jane Birdseye

Minister for Teaching and Learning: Alice O’Kill

Year 6

Prime Minister for Eco-Friendly: Catherine Gilbert

Deputy Prime Minister for Diversity: Joshua Ilvaldi

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